The city of Miami has been at the forefront of a cutting edge cultural renaissance over the course of the last decade. As a newly formed ensemble, the Miami Chamber Orchestra strives to reflect all that is happening culturally in South Florida; adjusting the format of its concerts to engage all sectors of the community. 

Pioneered by a group of young, highly trained musicians, we aim to unite the traditional with the trendy, covering all areas of the repertoire in a way that is not just entertaining, but engaging for all audiences. 

At its essence the Miami Chamber Orchestra is a microcosm of the spirit of Miami: vibrant, elegant, diverse and artistic. At a time when the old-fashioned orchestra is fading, our mission is to revive the spirit of the concert hall, produce dynamic and emotionally engaging performances, and bring a fresh, young perspective to the traditional concert format. 

siobhan is executive director and concertmaster of MCO.